The UK has many leading womxn academics, entrepreneurs, business women and womxn in industry who come from physics backgrounds. These womxn play an important role in inspiring the new generation of womxn in physics.

Cavendish Inspiring Womxn (CiW) aims to help raise the visibility of such successful womxn by putting them in front of younger womxn considering careers in physics.

Our projects include holding speaker events, networking sessions, undergraduate tutorial sessions, social events, mentoring schemes and the publication of outreach materials.



Aswathy V Girija


PhD Student, Optoelectronics

Marika Niihori


PhD Student, Nanophotonics

Simone Eizagirre


PhD Student, Atomic, Mesoscopic and Optical Physics

Fionn Bishop


PhD Student, High Energy Physics

Amita Ummadisingu

Outreach co-chair

Swiss National Science Foundation Fellow, Optoelectronics

Dr. Juliane Borchert

Social Media Officer

PostDoc, Optoelectronics

Meg Groom

Welfare Officer

PhD Student, Nanophotonics 

Maria Julia Maristany

Outreach co-chair

PhD Student, Theory of Condensed Matter

Suchitra Sebastian

Senior Treasurer

University Reader, Department of Physics

Radha Mastandrea

Events Chair

MPhil Student, High Energy Physics


CiW would not have been possible without the leadership and contribution of our previous committee members.

Hannah Stern, former President 

Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, former President

Ankita Anirban, former Co-President

Sarah Morgan, former President

Heather Goodwin, former Welfare Officer

Nimisha Kumari, former Public Engagement Officer

Darshana Joshi, former International Engagement Officer

Atefeh Amin, Alumna

If we have missed anyone, please reach out to us!

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