Chiara Ciccarelli

In our lab we mostly study magnets and how we can ‘write’ or ‘read’ their magnetic state in a way that is energy-efficient, ultra-fast and localised to the nanometre scale. To achieve this we carry fundamental research on new quantum-mechanical effects in condensed matter and apply them to design novel devices. The ultimate goal of our research is to propose new technologies for better performing and greener memory units and sensors.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring physicists?

I am not sure I am wise enough to give advices to others, but I can share the attitude that I try to keep towards challenge: I see it as an opportunity. Physics is challenging and keeping to push yourself outside your comfort zone is necessary for growing professionally and for allowing new opportunities to emerge. This does not come naturally, at least to me, it requires some real willpower, but it is worth taking the risk!